Frequencies of Adventure in New Zealand

Interdimensional Photography by Ginette Van Praag

Artist Bio

Ginette Van Praag (1970-) was born in the UK and settled in New Zealand in 2007. She has a passion for developing ways to support the application and creative use of digital tools and internet technologies to mobilise positive communication and grass-roots endeavour.

In 1997 Ginette gained a Multimedia (Hons) BA degree from UWCN after taking a break to start her family. In 2002 she qualified as a school teacher, specialising in Fine Arts and ICT.

Since then, she has continued to teach and has a special interest in curriculum implementation. Ginette has always had a keen interest in photography and a love of landscape. In recent years she has had the time to slow down and look up, wherein she has been delighted to discover a whole new realm that is keen to share its secrets.

The book and this accompanying website, Frequencies of Adventure in New Zealand, present some of these beautiful and mysterious manifestations for your imagination to consider. This is just the beginning. Enjoy.