Frequencies of Adventure in New Zealand

Interdimensional Photography by Ginette Van Praag

Every picture tells a story…

Welcome to my website, a portfolio of Interdimensional Photographs I have taken over the past 18 months or so, here in beautiful New Zealand.

These photographs are guaranteed authentic. Some have had their contrast enhanced to reveal detail, but that’s it – no further editing, no manipulation or airbrushing has been applied!  They have been taken with a range of standard photographic devices – smartphones, android tablets and most recently a Nikon DS3300 DSLR camera. In the past they were taken with whatever I had to hand, but now the DSLR is my device of preference, affording excellent resolution, as these orb images show (NEF files with clarity enhancement). Next steps are to invest in photographic lenses (and maybe a telescope) that will enable me to take detailed night sky shots and closeups of flowers and such, as the beauty can also be found here in the details, on the ground.

I have classified the images on this website and in the book interdimensional photographsWhat I mean by this is that there is a definite unknowableness and etheric quality to them. They defy explanation and invite more questions than they answer. To me that is also the definition of miraculous and magical. But that’s just me 🙂

Many of these images are ‘snapped’ on impulse – often without using a viewfinder first, I’m just following an inspiration to point and shoot.  Sometimes the sun is shining so brightly I am photographing blind and have no idea what I am photographing until I look at the resulting images. I just feel that the particular (peculiar) brightness is an indicator that there may be something worth taking a picture of.

View a selection of these photos here or click on the menu links for particular themes.

Revisit the images and they will reveal themselves to you with time. That is a great part of the magic presented here – stories unfold the more you look and open yourself to feeling the energies present. This is just the beginning. Enjoy.